All for the SVC2Southampton StartUp Weekend!!


With less than two weeks to go until Silicon Valley comes to Southampton with the StartUp Weekend competition, HackaSoton has been carrying out a great number of events, securing sponsorship deals with amazing companies, and massively spreading the word – all this to ensure that our contestants will have a blast during this StartUp Weekend competition!! Which leads us to our first update!


We are proud to announce that the SVC2Southampton Competition will be sponsored by Leto
– Technology innovation consulting, software engineering, and online promotion services company, which apply latest technologies to develop solutions to sophisticated problems and turn bright ideas into reality. Leto has an extensive experience in providing guidance and support to small startups, as well as consult big and established businesses!


Now, more good news! Besides the previously mentioned prizes (Meeting VIPs like David Cameron, going to California for a week, etc) we have also secured several amazing prizes for the weekend; these include Raspberry PIs, tablets, Amazon Vouchers, over $2000 dollars on FluidUI services and over $1000 on Pusher Services, between many other prizes!!


Our Silicon Valley comes to Southampton StartUp Weekend Introduction events also went amazing as well! Our attendees really enjoyed the event, especially Ramus Valing, the lucky winner of our set of speakers!! If you missed our first and second introduction events, don’t panic! You can download the presentation here. By the way, although it is included in one of the slides of the presentation, we won’t really be giving free tequila at the StartUp Weekend – it was only a small joke to break the ice. If you still have any more questions, feel free to contact us at


Our “Speed Networking” sessions were held with the Entrepreneurial Society, FishOnToast, last thursday at the SUSU building! Throughout all night our members were discussing and sharing various amazing ideas, and let’s not forget the winners of the bottle of champagne – the creators of “Lolidays: holidays which your parents won’t be aware of”! Finally, to end the night in the right way, we all enjoyed some pizza provided by



During this past weekend, we organized a trip with several other computer science students to the Winter Hackathon in London!! Amazingly, the HackaSoton crew created 4 different apps which awarded them with three prizes!!  To check out the amazing apps they built you can read the full story at at our Website by clicking here!


Finally, our Open Data Workshop went Amazing!! We really need to thank and Entrepreneur First for such an Incredible event! Besides clearing every questions, they provided a great insight of the support that their StartUps will get during and after the StartUp Weekend, which will include the amazing + great platforms, plus a very powerful network of renowned businessman, VCs and professionals.


As you can see, last week was totally Amazing!! And that was just the beginning! This week are looking forward for this Wednesday’s Open Data Workshop hosted by Entrepreneur First, Import.IO and!! It will be Incredible!! You can register for the workshop here!!

Thank you very much for your time!! We really appreciate it! If you have any questions, complaints, suggestions, or just want to tell us something, please feel free to send us a(n):


Or contact any of the event organizers directly!

Thank you everyone for your time! Wish you an Amazing day!