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Startup Weekend is an awesome experiential learning opportunity that brings together people from all backgrounds and experiences to build concepts into minimum viable products in just 54 hours.

Pitch, test, validate, business model, design and build an idea in just one weekend. Whether you want to crash test an idea of your own or work on somebody else's idea, this test of your problem solving, team working and creativity skills is a fast-paced, fun event packed full of learning and the opportunity to meet some awesome new people.

Beautiful, interesting, awesome ideas are brought to life at Startup Weekend. Be a part of that creation.

Startup Weekend is for everyone – a dream team typically involves a mix of ages, genders, nationalities and backgrounds. You do NOT have to be a student to attend Startup Weekend and, in fact, many attendees aren’t.

You’ll have access to expert coaches throughout the weekend, as well as great workshops, fab venues, and a whole load of delicious local food to keep you fueled.

As well as all that, you will also have the opportunity to pitch and demo your product to a panel of judges on the Sunday. But no pressure – Startup Weekend aims to create teams, not startups.

Come find your co-founder, create something beautiful, build something amazing.



Mar 7
  • Optional AngularJS Workshop
  • Doors Open + Registration
  • Dinner is Served
  • Event Kickoff!!
  • Pitches Start
  • Votes
  • Formalized Teams


Mar 8
  • Epic Breakfast!
  • NangTing Lunch!
  • Oculus Rift Awesomeness!!
  • 3D printers Available
  • Portuguese Dinner
  • Google Glass Worshop
  • Midnight Surprise
  • Mini-Tournament


Mar 9
  • Epic Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Teams must be registered
  • Final Submissions Open
  • Submissions Close!!
  • Final Presentations
  • Pizza+Beer+Judging
  • Awards and Closing Ceremony
  • Go Home (Very Happy!)
Golden Sponsors

Christian Jakenfelds

Founder of Student Upstarts   |  

Founder of Student Upstarts. A seed accelerator that invests only in student run businesses. To apply one member of your team must be a student or have graduated in the last 12 months from a UK higher education institute.

Also a student of Imperial College London studying Biochemistry with Management, with experience in Executive Recruitment, Pharma and IT.

Jose Iglesias

Regional Manager for Europe at UP Global   |  

Jose oversees all UP Global activity (Startup Weekend, NEXT, Startup Digest and Startup Weekend Education) in Europe, with a special focus in the Western European and Scandinavian communities, developing strategies for scaling products/programs globally and working together with hundreds of entrepreneurs within that region.

Before joining full time to the company, he organized Startup Weekend and NEXT in Spain, started his own company, and served as advisor for other companies in the field of product and business development.

Simon Earl

ITSE Director   |   LinkedIn

A client focussed IT Security Practitioner with expertise across all market sectors with specialisms in Network Security, Mitigating Threat Exposure, PCI DSS & Data Loss Prevention

Now focussing on building the IT Security training arm of ITSE which recently resulted in ITSE being awarded the Authorised Training Centre (ATC) of the Year for 2013

Currently training course around the world including Certified Penetrating Testing Engineer, Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer, Certified Digital Forensics Examiner to name but a few......

Also providing Customer Solutions Architect advice to customers for many MobileIron solutions involving complex and technical projects.

Bronze Sponsors
Alejandro Saucedo
Tahlie Cooper
Ali Amouzadeh
Roberto Gregoratti
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